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Connecting to Postgres or MySQL

SyncWith has built in Google Sheets integrations for Postgres or MySQL databases. You can run arbitrary SQL and have it import directly into your Google Sheet.

Connection Strings

The easiest way to connect to your database is with a connection string. Most web hosting companies will provide you with a connection string in the admin UI.

It will look something like postgres://YourUserName:YourPassword@YourHostname:5432/YourDatabaseName

Static IP Addresses

If your database is protected by network security, you can whitelist SyncWith’s static IP addresses to enable SyncWith to access your database securely:

Common Errors

You may need to adjust settings on your database server to permit SyncWith to communicate with it.


ENOTFOUND often means that you are using an internal hostname. SyncWith needs an external hostname.

Internal hostnames often look like:

- 192.168.x.x
- 172.30.x.x
- justahost (an external hostname include a domain, for example:

You may need to ask your hosting provider for assistance.


ETIMEDOUT often means that your database is blocking us at the network level via firewall rules. You will need to permit access to SyncWith’s static IP addresses (see above).


ECONNREFUSED means the connection was refused, this could be because the host is incorrect, or the port is incorrect, or it could also be because the host is blocking us at the network level. Please check your host and port, if they are correct then you might need to permit access to SyncWith’s static IP addresses (see above).


EAI_AGAIN is typically a DNS configuration issue, sometimes its temporary, please consider using a tool like to check your DNS configuration.

Updated on: 04/27/2024

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