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Facebook Ads Results column

Facebook Results Column

The Results and Cost per result column in Facebook Ads are dynamic - they show the metric related to the optimization goal for each campaing/adset.

Known limitations of results column in SyncWith

Facebook doesn't provide a way to get the Results column from the API, so we need to compute it and it doesn't always match the values in the Facebook report.

Values can be inaccurate when Adset is not included in the report

The optimization goal is set at the adset level, so when reporting at the campaign level, we make some guesses as to what the optimization goal is based off the campaign's objective. As a work-around, add the adset (or ad) to the report.

Asking for help

If you think you've found a case where the results from the Facebook Report do not match your SyncWith report let us know!

To help us track down the issue run a Facebook report and a SycnWith report for the same time period and provide:
A screenshot of the Facebook report with the results column and the underlying metric
A screenshot of the SyncWtih report including "Results" "Cost Per Result", "Results Type", "Objective" and "Optimization goal" as well as the underlying result metric (for example if the results column in Facebook says "leads" also add the "leads" metric to the SyncWith report).

Updated on: 02/15/2024

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