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Revoking SyncWith's access to your accounts

If you're no longer using SyncWith, and you'd like to revoke access to your account(s) from SyncWith, here is some information to help.

Revoking from SyncWith

You can view all of your connected accounts on your account page, and when you view each individually you can click Disconnect to disconnect them permanently.

Revoking from the 3rd party

Each service you connect usually has a way to revoke access from their end. We have some links here to help you, but you might need to contact the 3rd party service or google to find out how to revoke

Facebook Ads
All google services (Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc...)
LinkedIn Ads
Microsoft Ads
TikTok Ads
ShopifyPlease uninstall the SyncWith Shopify app to revoke all permissions


If you're using SyncWith for Google Sheets, please uninstall our Google Sheets addon to revoke our access to your Google sheet(s). Please use the Extensions menu in Google Sheets to find the Manage addons feature.

Note, if our addon was installed by a Domain Administrator, please follow these instructions from Google to uninstall

Manage addons

Updated on: 02/26/2024

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