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Background access for Scheduled Reports

When using SyncWith for Google Sheets, we recommend that you authorize SyncWith for background access to your Google Sheets, to ensure that SyncWith can reliably access your Google Sheets(s) when running your scheduled reports in the background.

When using SyncWith for Google Sheets, SyncWith can run your reports in the background, on a schedule, keeping them up to date for you automatically. By default SyncWith relies on Google Sheets sending us an access token every hour, that we use when we run your scheduled reports. While this process is often reliable, it is susceptible to being disrupted if we miss an access token one hour, also we've seen it impacted by Google outages in the past.


You can enable this now at
This is a one time process for your SyncWith account, once you've authorized SyncWith for background access to your sheets you won't need to do it again
Once you've completed this authorization SyncWith won't need to rely on the hourly access tokens any more, meaning we will be able to reliably access your Google Sheet(s) when running scheduled reports
When you provide this authorization you must authorize it on the same google account that you use with SyncWith for Google Sheets, otherwise it won't work


SyncWith for Google Sheets will show this prompt if you haven't yet completed this authorization

When creating or editing a scheduled report SyncWith will prompt you for this authorization if it hasn't been completed yet

Once the authorization is completed you'll see a green checkmark on this screen

Updated on: 04/27/2024

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