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Connect your Shopify store

To connect your Shopify store, click here.

This document explains how to connect your Shopify account to SyncWith using our Shopify Google Sheets integration. Shopify requires us to send you to their app store to install our app. This can make things a little tricky for you, but we've tried to make it as easy as possible.

Start by going to the SyncWith listing in the Shopify app store.
Click Add app

Log in to Shopify if prompted
You will see a list of your stores. Select the store you wish to connect to SyncWith

Shopify will ask you to confirm your choice, click Install app

Your store will be connected to SyncWith, and you'll be redirected to our website!

If you were using our add on, you will have to switch your browser tab back to the add-on. You may have to "back out" and re-open the connection in order to see your newly-connected store.

To connect your Shopify store, click here.

Updated on: 04/27/2024

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