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Query gid://shopify/BulkOperation/1234 was canceled

If you receive an error like Query gid://shopify/BulkOperation/1234 was canceled when running a Shopify report using SyncWith, this is because SyncWith's integration with Shopify is currently limited to running 1 report per store currently.

If multiple reports attempt to run at the same time, either on a schedule, or when you refresh them manually, or even when creating a new report, then SyncWith will then queue the second report wait up to 1 minute to let the first report finish, if the first report doesn't finish within that minute then it will cancel the first report to enable the second report to run.

This error is most likely to happen when you have reports that take a few minutes or more to run. Unfortunately there isn't a great solution for this right now, except to try your report again, or try to avoid running multiple reports the same time.

Please contact us via Support if you this is causing you problems repeatedly, thanks!

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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